Sunday, October 31, 2010

This weekend was fun :D The IV dance party was crazyy. Or at least me and Stephanie were. Tehehe. We really are quite crazy with each other. I feel like we've gotten a lot closer since we've gotten here. I like it :D She's one of my best friends here and just anywhere which is awesomez!

And thennn Saturday I basically spent all day with her and also her friends Brittany and Brianna. They're really nice. The game was fun while it lasted... even though we found out later that we lost. Womp. Then we went to dinner and then to Urec for a Halloween thing. Me and Steph got to talk and jump on velcro walls. No big deal haha. I was in a bad mood but. I got cheered up :D :D :D

Thennnn today I had lunch with my mom, Jack and Kelly. It was nice. Then I did homework and cleaned all day. Joy joy. So now I'm just mellowing out. Bah.

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