Friday, October 1, 2010

I love how songs you listen to make you think of people.
For example:
Right now I'm listening to Wonderwall. That makes me think of Destry because the summer before Junior year he played that song ALL.THE.TIME. And that was before we were tight. So. Yeah.

We'll be a Dream reminds me of Elizabeth. I just remember one night this summer we both put that song on in our cars and rolled the window down and sang to each other while driving in separate lanes... probably not a good idea but. It was lovely. ( We have a million more songs. But. That is the most recent :D)

Alchohol by the Millionaires.. such a bad song. It reminds me of all of us buuuut it reminds me of Stephania because I remember driving everyone in the MV!! (minivan) to the youth group pool party and that was when we were kinda new in our friendship so belting out the millionaires brought us a little closer. Tehehe.

Basically every Britney song reminds me of Kathryn. She was our girl. Our idol. Our favorite singer. Whenever hit me baby one more time came on on the bus we rode to maybeury... oh man. That bus was jammin. And me and kathryn knew every word. And Lucky. We knew every word. Still do. Don't mess with us.

Concrete angel and Earl had to die always remind me of Ariel. We stuck our heads out the window and belted concrete angel every single time it came on, without fail. And we changed the words to Earl Had to Die to "Kimmy and Ariel were the best of friends... back in their middle school days.... " We said we'd never fall apart. :(

Suds in the Bucket was me and Taylor's song. We sang it on the track when we had to run the mile... to keep us distracted. haha. i miss her too.

You Belong with Me was me and Larson's song.... it completely related to us at the time haha.

12:59 lullaby.... :D no one else knows it so that obviously has to do with Eric....
I remember flying to Nationals and that song came on my ipod and I had forgotten about it... and I was like ahhhh i love this song! and it made me think about that whole situation. I guess I accepted that I can't please everyone and I had to be happy for me...? And I finally was. I mean I still liked him of course but. I was happy for myself. Maybe I needed that before I could get into a relationship. ANYWHO yeah.