Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boys will be boys....

Sooo today I hung out with 5 guys.. it was really fun though! :D
I like hanging out with guys.. there's so much less drama. We don't have to figure out what we're doing.. we don't talk (too) badly about people behind their backs... it's so much easier. I'd like to say I fit in with boys. We basically just went to Ricardo's restaurant and then went to his house. Which was hot. But that's ok. And I finally got to meet the infamous (or famous?) Kosta aka Costco. I also finally got to meet Tucker. He's really funny. And I got along with him pretty well so that's cool. Of course, when I say that I really mean he made fun of me slash I made fun of him but that's ok. After Rico's we went to Bruster's.. which consisted of ice cream obviously... but also wrestling in the parking lot? I guess guys are into that? Then we went to Eric's house and just hung out... listened to music... arm wrestled...moshed..threw money...colored...made cootie catchers...and played MASH!! Oh yeah then we went outside and played trust. Which was really scary. But it was a really fun day!!!
And now. I am drinking pink lemonade in a pink mug. That happens to say Christopher Newport on it... well. This is awkward.
Get it... they're my mug shots.....

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