Sunday, August 1, 2010

PHO TAY DOE! Dangit we're gonna get shot by the Triads!

Soooo I got an unexpected phone call from Haley today telling me that she was going to pick me up to go to Katelyn's boyfriend's birthday party. I wasn't invited but Eric was... but Eric was only going to go if I went. But I wasn't planning on going so Eric wasn't there with me, Rachel, Haley, and Katelyn when we pulled up to this tiny Vietnamese restaraunt (shack). We had basically just gotten out of the car when Hung goes, "where's Eric???" and all I could say was "I don't know...." His response was "It's my birthday. Go get him" Sooo we piled back into the car and got Hung his Eric. It was quite awkward. And then when we finally got into the "restaurant" we were the only white people there. Haley referred to us as the "white island". It was quite an adventure. After dinner everyone went bowling which was actually really fun despite the fact that I don't particularly enjoy bowling. It was basically a hang out sesh with Eric, Haley, Rachel, and Katelyn. And I haven't seen those girls in awhile so it was really fun :) We made plans for Tuesday which I'm psyched about!!!!!!!!! It was just a really fun night. Surprisingly.

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