Monday, August 2, 2010


Today, Kathryn, Jesse, and I went to the mall and looked inside of build a bear. I have never "built a bear" so it was really cool to look at all the cute little bear clothes. I was so infatuated with all the tiny shirts and dresses and shoes and yes even purses for these stuffed animal bears. Jesse at one point says something like "you're like a little mom.." or "you look like such a mom" and I then I said I couldn't wait to have babies!!! Which sounds kind of odd coming from an 18 year old. Kathryn said she could definitely wait to have kids. I obviously don't want them now...but I love kids. Whenever I see little kids or babies I basically stop and just stare at them because they're so precious! Not to sound like a pervert. But they are! They're so interesting. They're very unguarded with their feelings. They're oblivious to so many things. And they're so tiny. And fragile. And needy. I think that's why the thought of having babies is so appealing to me. I love feeling needed. It is the best feeling in the world, and it's one that I don't feel very often. I have a younger brother but I couldn't help but so much because I wasn't that much older than he was. And I'm not the leader of the group so I never get to fulfill that roll. So I think me wanting a bunch of kids has to do with wanted to be needed. And they are just so freaking cute. Bahhh. I could seriously go on for like...days. Seriously.

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  1. ahh kim. i can i just say that while i was in texas i visited colin at work (he works at a day care with two year olds) and all i could think of the whole time was how i couldn't wait to
    1. get married
    2. have lotsa little babbbbies :)))

    i LOVE you!!