Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had a weird dream last night. I was at a rock climbing place with a bunch of people we usually hang out with..specifically Elizabeth, Stephanie, Kathryn, I think Lizzie may have been there? Anyway, we weren't really rock climbing though. We were throwing people onto the rockwall like we were throwing people at the beach a few days ago. It was weird. Then I walked into a room with a bunch of random guys from my school playing cards. It kind of resembled the all night graduation party. But this game was weird. And involved some math. So naturally I sucked at it. But Kathryn and Stephanie and Elizabeth were really good at it. So I looked around the table at all the boys from my school (even ones I don't really know..?) and of course I see Eric just smirking at me. Like he always does when I'm doing something stupid but is at the same time amusing. It was really clear though. It was funny. Then I woke up.
Weird dream.
And then right as I woke up my mom came in accusing me of being up at 5:20.... which I know for a fact I was not. She even made me check my phone history... and I said again that NOOOO I was not up at 5 my phone can even prove it. Soo she said I must have been sleep talking. Weird. Because she said it was really loud. And I would pause like I was letting the other person reply. And then I would start talking again loudly and clearly. I wish I knew what I was saying! And who I was saying it to!
Isn't dreaming lovely?

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