Friday, August 27, 2010

Good... night :D

After our pep rally today I came back to my dorm and danced in Bea and Hannah's room. We dressed up pretty crazily.... tried to impersonate the stereotypical JMU slut. We couldn't even quite pull it off. It was fun though, took crazy pics, which will def be up at some point. Then I headed over to the Village (dorms in the middle of campus) and there was a dance party outside :D
Got a little crazy, but it was fun. I met up with my friends from high school...Samantha, Kendall, Rachel Berry, Stephanie. I saw Luke, Carissa, and Whitney. They weren't dancing :(
Samantha's roommate had a few too many shots though and she was going CUHRAZY on the dance floor. Twas a little embarrassing. But she wants me to try out for CHEERLEADING with her. AHHHH. I think I'm going to try though. Why not ya know???But it was def a good night :D

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