Friday, August 13, 2010


Phone number. Private caller. "Hello?" "You called me." "No I didn't." "Do you know time it is?" "Yeah. Sorry..." End of call. Private caller again. "Hello??" "Step outside your boyfriend Eric Hoyt's house." "Who is this?" "We pimped your ride!!!!" Open door. Car tire falls over. Confusion. Run down sidewalk. Tire from car = tire on porch. Look around. See suspicious car sitting in cul-de-sac. Run towards car. Car drives away. I scream profanities at Josh Huizenga. Wake up whole neighborhood (probably).
UGHHHH those kids make me so mad!! They came back though. It was actually pretty funny. I'm just mad they have the satisfaction of saying the got us. Haha. Wow. These are our friends.......

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