Thursday, August 5, 2010

"I look like a lesbian.."

Sooo today was very fun. I woke up, wrote thank you letters.. ew. But. BUT. Taylor Swift's new single was on itunes. Home girl bought it. No big deal. JK IT'S AMAZING I LOVE IT. Anyway. Then I went to Busch Gardens with Eric and Ricardo.. always an adventure with them. Then Ricardo mentioned something about me having "peach fuzz" which to me is basically saying I have a mustache. SWEET RICARDO. But I gave him the cold shoulder until he asked for forgiveness. The best part (in my opinion) was being caught in the storm though :) We had to run basically through the entire park in the rain to get to Eric's car. It was fun. Except when I fell and ate it on the concrete. No surprise there though. The ride home and dinner at Bottom's Up however was a little chilly. After din din we went to Rico's and put on some dry but very large (for me) and manly (ish) clothes... I looked like a butch lesbian, and watched a weird movie. It was very fun though. They're the bestest :D

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