Sunday, August 8, 2010

Old pictures :D

Soo I decided to look through a bunch of old-ish pictures and I picked a few out that I really like. I was bored today. And pictures are my go-to item for boredom.
I love this one because Laura was so much better than me and even though I got first on this particular event it still looks like I'm looking up to her... figuratively obviously.
Gimpy Kim :( haha my mom takes pictures of everything. Even when we leave for a retreat for the weekend.
I haven't been on a vacation with Jack in a longgggg time.
Pep talk for the graduate?
I love this one :D He looks so contemplative.

I'm beginning to notice a pattern..baha he's adorbs :D
I forgot about this picture and then I came across it and I really like it... I think I took it myself a few years ago so go ahead and make fun of me.. I usually make fun of "myspace pics" too. But I like it. I have a weird expression. So. Deal with it. It's probs... my fave picture of myself :D
Bahhh flowers at Maymont. They look like happy little yellow people :D

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