Monday, August 30, 2010

"well... you have gained weight....."

Today was pretty fun. It was my first day of classes and I survived!! I had psych first which was pretty interesting. Then I came back to my dorm I think...I can't even remember! I ate lunch with my bro, his gf, and her friends. Then I headed over to math. Thennnnnn I locked myself out of my dorm... with 15 minutes until spanish. My roommate saved the day though and let me in haha. Then after spanish I went to U Rec with Sammy.... we did nothing. Then we ate dinner with Jack and his gf Kelly. That was funny. EXCEPT. Here's our convo:

Kim: "I'm still hungry... I want more pizza!"
Jack: "Why don't you eat a salad....?"
Kim: "No thanks MOM... Mom always gets on me about my weight!"
Jack: "Well... you have gained weight since you quit gym..."
Kim: "What the heck!!!! What!??? Where have you noticed you douche???"
Jack: Pats his thighs slash butt. Ughh. That kid.

Anyway. Then we made a trip to Walmart for some much needed school supplies and goldfish. Then we went to an ice cream social... hung out at Kendall's.. ran into J blair.. all that jazz!!!!


  1. omgshhh. you have not gained weight! your brother is crazy!