Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Soooo yesterday me and Elizabeth went to Belle Isle. It was very fun. Besides being cut by a clam and thrown against rocks and embarrassingly attempting to cross the river while onlookers judged us. Then we went to Red Robin. It was. Interesting. After that we headed over to Eric's house early and talked to his mom. I love his mom. Hehe. Thennn we watched TEETH!!!!! DUN DUN DUN! It was ridiculous. A girl with a penis chomping vagina. I mean come on, tell me that doesn't sound funny. Well it was whether you believe me or not. OH GUESS WHAT!?? My mom bought me a talking alarm clock! I am so excited. It's name is Moshi. No seriously. I have to say "hello Moshi" to activate it. It's pretty sweet.

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  1. ahh vagina dentata. i used to have th-... i mean omgsh wow this is embarassing!! uhh heyy kim!! how's the weather?.....(i hope she didn't notice!)