Thursday, August 19, 2010


So Kathryn left today. I hung out with her all day yesterday which was really nice. I helped her pack up her car, we watched the Kardashian's, we printed out a billion pictures at CVS, visited Eric, visited Matt, then later we went to El Chaps with everyone. We said goodbye to everyone and it was sad..but when Kathryn and I got home and she gave me my letter I just started crying!!!!! I didn't think I was going to but we've been next door neighbors since..ever and I'm not exaggerating. We've been best friends for as long as I've known. I've always had someone to talk to that's only 50 ft away from my bedroom. She's the only one who completely gets me and I get her. It's pretty awesome. Now that we're going to separate colleges it's gonna be really weird. I woke up this morning and knew she had already left and I felt kinda empty..not empty but like... alone haha everyone is leaving!!! It's sad. And I already miss her!!!!

We stole the bikes a lot on beach week :)


We're kinda crazy when we're exposed to each other

Laughing at me when I'm in pain.... :)
She always makes me do things... but I'm usually glad I did in the end :)

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  1. I will always be there for you! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!! :)