Sunday, August 1, 2010

You know when you're really happy? And you can't remember what you used to wish or hope for because you're happy the way things are? It's almost like you can't remember what you used to want because it's blending in with what you finally have. That's a really good feeling. Being spun around on a tire swing until you're sick to your stomach is the best feeling in the world actually... :)
And it makes me sooo happy because when I was a little fruity middle schooler that's exactly what I wanted.... little things. I wanted someone to go to the park with me and get ice cream with me and let me talk to them about all the insignificant things that actually mean everything to me. Maybe those aren't little things. But they're things that I suppose not everyone gets to do with someone they really care about. And now that I finally have that it's really nice. It's nice when things finally go your way :)
sorry that picture's random but come on it's a panda tehe.

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