Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weird news. . .

So amidst all the packing, my mom decided to inform me today that my dad might be relocated for his work. She said that we won't find out until January... which sucks for me and I guess all of us (that know, Mike hasn't been told yet because he's the one who's going to be affected what with high school just starting). She said that we'd most likely be moving to Chicago, because the company that bought my dad's company (Hefty) has its central headquarters in Chicago. Which is really far. And would really suck. 1.) It would suck for Mike a lot because he'd be moving to a new high school with only 3 years left. And he has all his friends here. 2.) My mom's friends are here. My dad isn't too social outside of our house so I'm not that worried about him. Except. Well yes I am because he is really involved with our church. So yes. I'd feel bad for both of them. 3.) I'd feel bad for me because all my friends are here. And even though I'm going to be in college, I'd still like to come HOME in RICHMOND on my breaks and see my friends. My friends are not in STUPID CHICAGO. Plus I can't stand the thought of living in a new neighborhood. In a new house. As much as I complain about my crappy house I really do like it. It has all my memories in it... I've never lived anywhere else. I feel like it's mine. So. I'm not a fan of this possible moving to Chicago thing. No no no. Not at all. I told my mom I would just come home on breaks. THIS home. And stay with my friends. So. She'd have to deal. But I guess I won't know for a while. I just prayyyyyyy we won't have to move. Mostly for my little brother.
Just because it's pretty does NOT mean I want to move there.


  1. pshhh don't worry even if it does happen.. which who knows it might not there has been instances like this before... but anyways if we do move I'm sorry but I'm coming here and staying with someone during summers... my mom basically said ok sooooo yep. no worries.