Saturday, August 7, 2010

Team Ladies of the Night.

I am sleep deprived yawlll. Last night. Went to bed at 3:3o. Woke up at 8:30 thanks to Chandler's wake up call. Went to the beach. Got tackled by guys bigger...and smaller than me. Got thrown really high into the air by some dudes....? "Tanned". Snuck into Subway's bathroom where we thought a cop was waiting for us... muahaha. Ate dinner. Drove home. Went to the lock in. Got pretty. Even though Colin thought we looked like whores. Crazy hair, eyes, face paint. Had a rave upstairs. Chyeahhh. Played some bad games of dodgeball.... no seriously we sucked. It was fun though. Me and Elizabeth contributed to the team by dancing in the back. It helped. Chased Jesse around the church whilst pushing Matt in his wheelchair... not a good idea considering I'm quite accident prone as Elizabeth liked to point out. Saw his gnarly scars and cuts. Played more dodgeball. Got hoarse along the way. Fun times though. Fun times indeed.


  1. teehee :) i think we were pretty legit :)

  2. Of course we were... let's think about it.. it's us. Duh.