Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Flagella. Flagella!"

Soooooo I am so glad that I don't know anyone when I step into Waffle House except for the people I arrive with. Because let me tell you. I am really weird. No. NO SERIOUSLY. You should have seen the faces we were making. Don't worry. I'll add a video. It's like I'm drunk. Or high. But the really scary thing is we aren't. When the workers there start asking me if I'm high I think I should start saying yes... they'd probably think I'm more normal according to my behavior. I was so happy Maegan was there on our last Waffle House outing. It made my night. She was even weird with us!! It was quite the bonding experience. She gave us some going away presents.. she gave Elizabeth a name tag, and me and Stephanie some McDonald's toys. Needless to say they will be cherished forever!! We also found out she was 19. Quite a surprise.

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  1. haha. i LOVE our waffle house trips! oh, and make sure you upload the video to youtube and then just embed it onto your blog. if you try uploading it straight onto blogger it will never upload. believe me, i've tried.